Legally Move into Foreclosed Vacant House and Live free

It’s easy – unbelievably easy to legally move into a vacant house and live free from rent and mortgage. It’s just that few know about it. A resident of Douglas County set a precedent. Channel 2 Action News let on the secret

The clients of Roderick Walker resort to a strategy. They submit an Affidavit of Adverse Possession and then move into the house bag and baggage. Walker said that there are many houses lying vacant hanging in a state of limbo. It has no owner. The bank may claim it but their operations have been shady and fraudulent. Often the lenders are not backing up their claims and walking away afraid of litigations and expenses pertaining to maintenance and taxes.

Walker claims to have assisted a minimum of 15 persons and so far there have been no problems. Oh yes – often the police have knocked but they went away after seeing the papers.

Walker himself has moved in his house comprising of 3 bedrooms and 2 ½ bathrooms in Mackenzie Court in Douglasville. It was once valued at about $300,000 but Walker did not have to pay a cent to anyone. In his case the owner had just walked off. The house has yet to be foreclosed upon.

Not only Jodie Fleischer but many others think it is unbelievable. He operates a page on Facebook advertising his services pertaining to Adverse Possession replete with images of attractive houses that are literally being asked to be taken.

However there is a small element of risk involved.

Har’rell Chisolm got sandwiched between the lender and the borrower in an eviction process. Chislom had moved into a house on Prestly Mill Road after filing the affidavit. But the deputies of the sheriff, thinking him to be the previous owner, threw out his belongings that got damaged or pilfered while he languished in jail for the criminal offence of trespassing. Although devastated, he was not willing to accept the situation. He had not done anything illegal.

He had notified the foreclosure lawyer and the sheriff’s office challenging the house ownership. He accused the bank of fraud. In the bank papers the name of one Troy Crouse has surfaced in different signatures. This Crouse issue had been raised by Channel 2 in an investigation pertaining to dubitable foreclosure and robo-signing.

Chisolm reiterated that the matter was civil and not criminal. He plans to move court and return to the house armed with Adverse Possession law of Georgia. If he manages to reside here for seven years then the house will be his. Meanwhile the civil case with the bank can easily drag on for more than seven years!

If the authorities want to stop this they will have to change the law.


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